Dear recruiters

On LinkedIn, I keep seeing the same claims made that I am a bit doubtful about.

If you can provide a primary source* as proof for any of these claims shoot me a DM (LinkedIn, Twitter) or email (

80% of people who accept counteroffers will leave their current employer anyway within 6 months.

93% of Professionals who accepted their counteroffer left within 18 months.

Your reward will be £250 🤑

Number of recruiters challenged so far 1

* The study must share its data and methodology (any standard published trustworthy study is fine). Your source can't be an article that makes the claim without providing a source (that's how we got here). There can only be one winner, whoever provides proof first wins.

This is just a fun challenge, don't take it so seriously.

I would never take a counter offer but there are multiple factors for why a person should or shouldn't that are personal to them.

I empathise with recruiters who have done all the work, now expecting their sweet commission to come in and at the last second it is yoinked from them.

That being said I don't think telling people they are going to end up still not liking their job on an un-sourced claim is a good argument. An additional point is that even if someone does leave a job 6-12 months after accepting a counter offer it does not mean they made a mistake accepting the counter offer.