Hello, I'm John

I'm a software developer with a focus on the web

Tech Skills


JavaScript is a language I have been using professionally for a few years. I really enjoy web development so as a result have grown very fond of JavaScript. I personally find the internet the best way to deploy applications that are easily available to millions of users.


TypeScript for me is simply a better "version" of JavaScript. The static type checking and compile time analysis allows for certain bugs to be caught at compile time (by devs) instead of at runtime (by users). I also find the increased verbosity of the language actually increases how fast I can develop code as it acts as useful documentation.


I find C# great for enterprise development when working as part of a team. C# enables good software development patterns that makes it relatively simple to produce useful applications. A common architecture for me is to use a frontend web framework as a UI which is supplemented by a backend .NET API. Using patterns such as clean architecture you can build a highly maintainable testable API.


React has been my consistent web framework of choice. I have also used Angular and Vue professionally and have an interest in Svelte. I find modern functional React makes stateful web-development fairly easy. This site and all projects on it are built using next.js which is a framework built on top of React.


I'm a big fan of the node ecosystem/community. Being able to use one language across the full web stack for a project is very advantageous. I find with node I can get a project started extremely quickly. It's also nice that when working in a team everybody knows the languages used across the stack.


Every project I've worked on professionally has used Git for version control, I also use Git for my personal projects, you can of course check out my GitHub.


Senior Software Engineer


May 2023 - Present

Worked with British Airways to launch a site wide transformation with a particular focus from myself on a new homepage

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