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  • Another Year Older, Bastien Piano For Adults Book 1, page 54
  • Can Can, Bastien Piano For Adults Book 1, page 51
  • Fantaisie Impromptu, Bastien Piano For Adults Book 1, page 52
  • Minuet in G, Bastien Piano For Adults Book 1, page 55

Song Tracker

Song NameComposerSheet MusicProgressPerformancesComments
Another Year OlderunknownBastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 54) - SheetsIn progress
Minuet In GJohann Sebastian BachBastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 55) - SheetsIn progress
Fantaisie ImpromptuFrédéric ChopinBastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 52) - SheetsIn progress
Doesn't seem particularly difficult, I just need to practice it a bit.
Can CanJacques OffenbachBastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 51) - SheetsIn progress
Keep the timing and playing smooth at the high tempo is a challenge.
Persian Market?Bastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 45) - SheetsFinished
First time having to work with the pedal and usage of a black key throughout the whole song.
Also having to do a diminuendo at the end of the song which is a new dynamic.
When The Saints Go Marching In?Bastien (Piano For Adults Book 1 Page 44) - SheetsFinished
First time managing to play a song that had multiple chord throughout, the movement between the chor... Show more
First time working with dynamics, right hand is played mezzo forte (medium loud) and left hand is pl... Show more
Morning MoodEdvard GriegArranged by James BastienFinished
Roughly the same difficulty as Ode to Joy. Took me about 45 minutes to learn instead of the 10 hours Ode to Joy took.
Ode to JoyLudwig van BeethovenArranged by James Bastien - SheetsFinished
The first song I learnt :D

Grade 1 Progress (ABRSM)

SkillSub SkillSheet MusicProgressPerformancesComments
Chords and Arpeggios
C Major Right Hand
C Major Left Hand
C Major Contrary Motion
C Major Similar Motion
G Major Right Hand
G Major Left Hand
F Major Right Hand
F Major Left Hand
A Minor Right Hand
A Minor Left Hand
D Minor Right Hand
D Minor Left Hand
Exam Pieces
Sight Reading